Footvolley Groningen - the home of petacchis

Group composition BDO European championships


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Athletes who arrive on friday evening, please report to Mesacosa at 17.00pm till ?. Eat pizza in Mesacosa, 1 minute from the hotel (Guest House).

Every object in Groningen you need to know (at least for playing the tournament) is on this map. The hotels are in blue, Mesacosa is in green, the Martinitoren and de Grote Markt (Big square) are in red and Binn’npret is in yellow (please zoom out a bit).

Group A Group B Group C
Holland 1 Spanje Germany 1
Switzerland 1 Marseille 1 Italy 1
Holland 4 Holland 2 Holland 3
Orange Israel 1 Israel 2
Germany 2 Austria Switzerland 2
Italy 2 Holland 5 Marseille 2

Germany 1
Thomas Noack
Markus Dieckmann

Germany 2
Tobias Goeke
Jan Keuthen

Switzerland 1
Nils Fehr
Beni Zwyssig

Switzerland 2
Marcel Berwert
Michele Politta

Italy 1
Francesco Montanari
Domenico Poggiali

Italy 2
Erwin Torricelli
Matteo Bonoli

Laurent Poggi
Olivier Rousset

Marseille 1
Stany Marle

Marseille 2
Player 1
Player 2

Israel 1
Osrhi Cohen
Yosi Golan

Israel 2
Amir Zohar
Sedrik Taib

Jan Pieter Martens

Pablo Carcelen
Ruben Requena

Holland 1
Jan Wachtmeester
Erik Drenth

Holland 2
Jordi van der Sluis
Rick van Dam

Holland 3
Martijn ten Duis
Bart Zantman

Holland 4
Tarik Konjo
Armand Nelstein

Holland 5
Emiel Birza
Wouter Splinter